Ancient Times

A chill was in the air and as the Kneemonster tried desperately to adapt, the process was at times very painful.

excerpt from the Kneemonster Chronicles…
The Early Years

Some would argue that the ice age was the pinnacle of Kneemonster, strength, diversity and population on earth .On the way to this pinnacle of it’s existence however, the Kneemonster suffered many setbacks. Not the least of which was in the early days of the ice age. The knee monster was slower than most species to develop a thick insulating fur coat and subsequently suffered arthritis in the joints, overdeveloped jaw muscles, due to excessive teeth chattering and shunning from other, normally friendly species due to being a snotty mess from having a cold all the time.”

In the case of the really wooly Kneemonster (a cousin to the Wooly Kneemonster) life was especially hard. Awkward looking and some would overly protected from the bitter cold. The Really wooly Kneemonster was one of those creatures that it seemed nature was out to get.

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