After the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, the earth went through a period of violent upheaval and transition that drove most creatures into hiding of some sort and much of what was left of the Kneemonster species lived exclusively in the water.

After quite some time, however, Several Kneemonster species ventured on land again and became the forerunners of the Kneemonsters we know today. This transitional period gave rise to a whole new cast of characters as evidenced in this excerpt from The Kneemonster Chronicles

OK let’s try this again

Around the beginning of the Hopefullyitwilltakethistimeithic period we see the first example of the Kneefish’s second campaign on land. Unlike the great predatory fish of the past, the Kneefish that first came ashore did so because he neither at home in the water nor on the land.

The Kneemudskipper had developed the kneed fins in such a way that the hip joints that did work. They did so in manner that allowed the plucky little creature to hop from one shallow pool of water to another (Presumably because something big and nasty was in the first pool, trying to eat the kneemudskipper.

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