It was a period of great growth for the Kneemonster as the species pushed itself to the cusp of the age of dinosaurs. A great Arms race was on and the Kneemonster fought with all sorts of animals including members of its own species as it vied to dominate the pre-Dinosaur Landscape.

A window into the savage battles that were taking place can be found in the following excerpt from “The Kneemonster Chronicles”
The Age of Dinosaurs Pregame show…

It was the Early Shakethatassic that ushered in the first "proto-dinosaurs" and while the Age of Dinosaurs hadn’t truly begun, the other creatures living during this time, couldn’t really tell the difference and those who stuck around to debate whether they were true dinosaurs or not, paid dearly for their efforts.

One of the First Creatures to out-predate the VanMaberley was the Kneeuglosaur who like the VanMaberley predated the still massive herds of Harvestor Kneemonster on the Savanna. While a creature distinct from the VanMaberley, the Kneeuglsaur was a refinement of the design in that he outclassed the VanMaberley in size and speed. It is also believed that Kneeuglosaur saw in colour. This was a tremendous advantage not only at sporting events and traffic lights, but in hunting as well.

And so, the Kneeuglosaur asserted itself as a magnificently designed hunter and relied less on ambush tactics (although it still preferred them) and more and more found itself spotting victims on the open plain and chasing them down with frightening speed and ferocity.

Tension in the air.

While the Kneeuglosaur was showboating around, running wildly and quickly, catching this and killing that, the VanMaberley was still sneaking around and depending on a more stealthy approach. In fact, there is some fossil evidence to suggest that so fast was the Kneeuglosaur, he could actually swipe prey out from under the VanMaberley’s nose as he prepared to attack.

As you might well imagine, this made for one very pissed off VanMaberley (certainly not the last time in history, that this would happen) and for it’s very survival, some of the VanMaberley species developed a very interesting counter strategy…

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