As man arrived on the scene, things got particularly hectic of the Kneemonster as a species, almost from the start, man saw the Kneemonster as a creature how presented a variety of opportunities for exploitation. (Picture of a Kneemonster on a stripper pole??)
(No No No…not that kind of exploitation…..Weirdo) I mean like for food and a work animal etc….You’ll see what I mean.

Ug Nickerson

Scientists believe that the history of the Kneemonster and the arrival of man are closely linked on a very personal level. In order to understand this complex relationship we have to delve in to the background of the fossil and DNA evidence of one particular discovery.

As it turns out it here were the Kneemonster first meets his nemesis, this rivalry is as bitter and competitive as it is storied. Fossil evidence suggests the hatred for the Kneemonster run deep in some peoples DNA.

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