The age when Life itself began, the Reallyoldazoic marks the first appearances of single-celled organisms including the first forerunners of the Modern day Kneemonster (Although, for accuracy’s sake, it should be noted that none of them actually ran.)

Life was limited to the water at this point and from the tiny and simple Akneeba to the first species of Kneefish. Evolution was experimenting with a myriad of different designs (most of which, sucked to put not too fine a point on it) Nonetheless, much of what was living then would seem completely alien to a modern marine botanist or oceanographer.

excerpt from the Kneemonster Chronicles…

The earliest know fossils of the species (Kneeus Monsterae) were little more than prototypical globs of goo with extra goo where the goo bits that look like legs were supposed to be. This odd little glob floated amongst all the other little globs until early in the Reallyoldazoic period where the evolutionary process had the knee monster evolve into a gigantic predatory fish. Arguments over whether or not there were interim steps that the fossil record could not account for lasted well into the late 1960’s with a small, but vocal group claiming all along that the transition from single celled creature to large predatory fish took roughly a fortnight to complete.

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