A seminal period in the journey the Kneemonster has taken through evolution. It was the Tohellwiththewaterozoic that saw the first tentative steps toward and on to land. Here we see the first waterborne animals trying to adapt to this new and sometimes hostile environment.

The once mighty Kneefish was now sharing the family tree with creatures like the plowface Kneefish who was forging a new exciting existence in this new dry environment.

Further detail can be seen in this excerpt from the Kneemonster Chronicles…

Somewhere near the end of the Reallyoldazoic period on the cusp of the Notquiteasoldozoic period The Gigantic predatory fish decided "Screw this" and began the long and difficult process of moving from water to land. This was preceded by the period where most of the fish’s prey decided "Screw this" and completed the long and difficult process of moving from water to land. These were dark times for the species (albeit predominately because one of the first species to make the move was the lightfish. This of course is a story we’ll reserve for another book "The Lightfish Chronicles")

There were of course, setbacks along the way. Somewhere between the Early- Tohellwiththewaterozoic and the late Mid-Tohellwiththewaterozoic there was a catastrophic flooding event that scientists universally refer to as the "Suck this down Mr. The Sea isn’t good enough you anymore" flood. This prolonged period of transition gave rise to one of the odder variations of the knee monster, commonly referred to as "Plowface kneemonster" a perfect example of what can go awry when your four major limbs are located at your extreme back end.

The main hunting tactic employed by "Plowface" was trolling the beach and burying unsuspecting prey with sand as they waited patiently for the bus. "Plowface" enjoyed quite a degree of success due to the fact that in every case, the bus never came. After the initial burial, Plowface would wait for 2 or 3 days for the noise to calm down and the feast would begin. The plan was not flawless and evolution being the crafty little bugger that is can be at times. Many Plowface Kneemonsters were rudely surprised by the ancient "Sand eating beach Muskrat" (One of the earliest mammal-like, fur-bearing, land-dwelling fish ever recorded in the fossil record)

Undeterred by setbacks such as these, the Kneefish slowly began to dominate the land as it once did the ocean. As the population moved further and further inland, The Kneemonster adapted quickly to new conditions and surroundings.

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